The "Diamonds in the Rough" Schuyler Business Association is currently inactive due to lack of grant funding opportunities that would allow the business community to move forward in growth. Formed several years ago, it soon became a joint effort of the Business Community of the Town and the Schuyler Town Government.  The Association's namesake, "Diamonds in the Rough," originated from the unmistakable diamond shape of the Town's map, together with the Town's rural ambiance.  Spearheaded by Planning Board member Victor Costanza, the organization is still chaired by Town businessman John Bord, owner of JB's Small Engine Works on State Route 5.  The organization has also been sponsored in part by the Town of Schuyler.  Its purpose has been to provide Town business owners with an opportunity to work closely with Town officials on issues of interest and concern to the business community.  Town Officials are also interested to learn how Town government can assist in strengthening the business environment of our community.  It is hoped future grant opportunities will re-ignite the Association's ability to once again become active.
Past evening meetings were held at the Schuyler Town Office, and future meeting dates will be posted in the Schuyler Town Newsletter.  Town officials, who have regularly attended Business Association meetings, still eagerly welcome the business community's input.   

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Business Association Officers:
President: John Bord; Email:
Vice President: Victor Costanza, Email:

2090 State Route 5, Utica, NY 13502  |  Phone: (315) 733-7458 | Fax: (315) 733-5431