Zoning Board               of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals Members
Ronald J. Beach, Jr., Chair
JoAnn Mammone, Vice Chair
Robert Wasyleski
David Pasick
Jeff Dingman
Bette Szesny, Secretary
Requirements for variances & special use permits can be obtained in the
Zoning Ordinance
Town Zoning Ordinance                 
Adopted by the Town Board on April 26, 2000
Effective Date:  May 26, 2000

The 5-member Zoning Board of Appeals and its secretary are appointed by the Town Board. 
Zoning Board of Appeals Hearings are usually scheduled for Thursday evenings at 6:00 or 6:30 PM. 
Contact the Codes/Zoning Officer or the Town Clerk for further information.

Click HERE to download Application to Zoning Board of Appeals (variances, use permits, etc.).  Includes Environmental Impact Short Form & Instructions.

Click HERE to download
"Ag Statement Form"
(Required for most applications
when project is located in or near Agricultural (R-A) Districts)

Subdivision Regulations

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