amendment to Section 14.24 Maintenance of Property

of the Town of Schuyler’s Zoning Ordinance


Subsection “A” amended as follows:   All properties within the Town of Schuyler shall be maintained in a manner which conforms with the Property Maintenance Code of New York State and the New York State Fire Prevention Code, or their successor(s). The exterior area of the property shall be maintained in a manner so as not to cause measurable depreciation in property values. No property used for commercial purposes shall have any outdoor accumulation of used machinery, equipment, parts, appliances, electronic equipment, including, but not limited to, other miscellaneous items of property collected for, or as a result of, the dismantling, salvaging, and/or sale of those items or the parts thereof.  The Zoning  Board of Appeals, however, may grant a special use permit for a Materials Storage Area, pursuant to the provisions of Article 15 of this Ordinance.


Section 15.08 “Specific Requirements By Use” is amended as follows: 

Subsection “R” to be added: Materials Storage Area


  1. The area set aside for material storage shall be designated on the site plan as required by Section 15.02(A)(8) of this article.


  1. The maximum land area for materials storage shall be 1,200 square feet per acre of land owned by applicant. If a larger area is deemed necessary, an area variance pursuant to Section 18.04 (C) (2) of this Ordinance may be applied for.


  1. The materials storage area shall be enclosed by a fence that is a minimum of 6 feet high, which contains a locking gate that is adequate to prohibit the entrance of children and others into the storage area. Where said area is or would be visible from a public highway or from neighboring properties, the fence would be made of wood or other materials sufficient to totally screen the junkyard from view of roadways or neighboring properties.


  1. Only those materials accumulated, salvaged from and/or used as a result of the commercial activity conducted on said property shall be stored in said materials area.  Said area is not to be used for the storage of other rubbish and/or garbage as defined in the Property Maintenance Code of New York State.  


  1. Any other considerations which the Zoning Board of Appeals may find applicable to the application.